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Paragraph writing process

A group of organized sentences related to a particular topic or idea is called a Paragraph. It breaks the extensive essay, letter, topic, idea or story into small pieces to better understand and makes a well-structured format. It explores the expression of a writer’s thoughts in a frame and makes it convenient for the readers.

How could we write a paragraph?

To write a paragraph, we should follow the steps:

  1. Topic Sentence: Introduce the topic or idea
  2. Supporting Details: Explore some facts, stats or examples and writer’s experience and analysis.
  3. Concluding Sentence: The end of the paragraph emphasizes the main idea one last time.

Types of Paragraphs:

There are four types of paragraph writing, i.e. –

  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Persuasive
Below you will find a number of Paragraph samples that our team of English Track Teachers have produced as a free resource for students.