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Importance of Learning English

The importance of learning English can’t be described in words. In the world, there are 7,100 languages. Still, few languages are globally used. But English is an international language. The mother language of 53 countries is English, and English is the second language of 118 countries. Statistics show about 360 million people speak English around the globe. English is a language. Language is something we can share our feelings and ideas with others. Also, it is the principal method of communication: today, more than 80% of all the information on the world’s computers is in English. So, if we don’t know English, we won’t be able to cope with the world. All the books on higher education are written in English. We all wish for an excellent job. People who know English get better job opportunities and even better salaries. So, English is a must to get a good job. English is not only an international language but also a house of knowledge. We can build an international business with the help of English. Even tourists can communicate well with the use of English. Learning English means achieving a skill. From this, we can say we need to learn English to join an advanced and developed world. Then we can say that English is the track of a successful future.

Writer: Afrah Nawar Mustary