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Our Management Team

A K M Nizam Uddin
He is a communication trainer at English track. Parallel to teaching, his research pursuits are in English pronunciation and world Englishes. He teaches courses in Global English and English pronunciation. He is the author of A new sky line in learning English and The anatomy of spoken English.

Dr. A A M Ryhan Uddin
He is the acting chairman of English Track. He is a famous doctor of Bangladesh. His outstanding contribution to medical science is recognized at home and abroad. His outstanding contribution to education as a professor is well known. It is in continuation of them that he developed English Track in the expansion of English education.

Rakib Mohammad M Rahman
In his skillful hands the Learning management system of www.englishtrack.net has become a highly acceptable and accessible to students of all ages. Along with IT management of English Track he is managing www.clicknad.com which is a very popular classified portal in the middle east.He is the founder and CEO of Alfesani Technology W.LL a leading IT firm in Qatar providing all IT solutions to www.englishtrack.net.