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National Flag

Every independent nation has a national flag on its own. Bangladesh is also a free country. We have a national flag as well. Our national flag symbolizes freedom and sovereignty of a free country, but the journey was arduous. We got our independence through a bloody liberation war, and we have lost millions of lives in the war. There is a specific ratio to make our national flag. It should be 10:6 . The national flag of Bangladesh was adopted officially on 17 January 1972. The features of our national flag are that it has a rectangular background and a circle in the middle. The green color stands for our green motherland. The green color of the flag represents the agricultural side and the field full of greenery. Also, this green color symbolizes the hard work of our farmers who work every day to make the green land. The red color is the symbol of the rising sun, which is the source of energy. Also, the red color reminds us of the sacrifice of martyrs who gave their blood for the sake of our motherland. I feel proud of my national flag because whenever and wherever I see the national flag, it reminds me that I am in an independent country. I can uphold its humor by doing our national duties properly.

Writer: Afrah Nawar Mustary