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Essay - A village market


A village market is a place from where the villagers buy and sell the essential things of their daily life. It is a very important place for the villagers. Because the villagers need this to fulfill their needs to lead their lives. This is why a village market is called “The Heart” of a village.

A village market is usually located by the side of a river. Sometimes it can be seen under a big tree, by the side of a road or in an open space.

A village market is divided into 2 types. They are “Hat” and “Bazar.” Bazar is the daily market which sits every day in a week. It is usually held in the morning. On the other hand, Hat sits only one day in a week. It is held in the afternoon. A village market is generally divided into 3 sections. They are “open space,” ”temporary shop” and “permanent sheds.” Vegetables are usually sold and bought in the open space. But the villagers can find fish, chicken, fruit
here as well. Temporary shops are also known as grocery shops. Oil, rice, spices and various kinds of goods are sold here by the grocer. In the permanent sheds, clothes, medicines, stationary products etc. are sold. Sometimes cows and goats are also sold in a village market. Tea stalls are also seen here.

A village market is a very busy and noisy place. Because everyone remains busy in buying and selling goods here. It is very crowded also. Almost all the daily necessities are found here. So people from near and far places come to village market to buy and sell goods. Again some people come here to meet their friends and pass time in the tea stall.

A village market is a very beneficial place to the villagers. It saves the time and money of the villagers. The rural economy is controlled by this. It plays a great role in moving the economic wheel of a village.

The village market has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Sometimes it gets dirty . There is no fixed price for the daily necessary things. Many illegal activities such as snatching, gambling come to pass here. The environment of a village market is so untidy.

In spite of having some disadvantages, village market plays a vital role in the villagers’ life. The authority should take steps to improve it. Then the villagers will be more benefited.

Written By - Pragya

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman