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Essay - The teacher, I like most


Teachers have a very significant place in the life of any student. They are our idols. We have many teachers at our school, college, and university. Every teacher has some qualities. Some are very strict. Some teachers are very popular among the students.

I like some teachers very much. Among them MD.Oli Uddin is my favourite instructor. He is a professor of the Accounting Department at Chittagong Govt. women’s college. Most of the students like him. He teaches us very cordially. He is a role model for me. He is a very inspiring person.

Every day he comes to college. He is very punctual. He never tells a lie and he is a very responsible person. He likes to maintain discipline in the classroom. He encourages us to be disciplined in our personal life also. He also teaches us moral lessons.

He teaches us very well. He explains all the formulas very easily. He includes many examples of each question. He never gets angry. He stays always calm. He has taken proper care of the weaker students. One of his best virtue is he is very kind-hearted and doesn’t bother to teach those students without a fee who are financially.

My teacher has all the good qualities. In other words, a teacher not only stick to the role of a teacher but also they adapt to various roles as and when the need arises. They become our friends when we are sad, they care for us like our parents when we are hurt. Thus, we see how great a teacher impacts a student’s life and shapes it. As the saying goes, “A teacher is the tool to build a beautiful nation.

Written By Tamanna Afroj

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman