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Essay - The Postman


A postman is a government employee who is known by everyone. He works in the post office. His duty is delivering postal things such as letters, money and other parcels.

The life of a postman is not easy at all. Because he leads a very busy life. he has to start his work at 9 o’clock in the morning and he has to work till afternoon. The postman is a fourth-class government employee. So he is low-paid. He is not so qualified. Leading life with a low income is very tough for him.

Usually, every postman wears a Khaki dress and carries a bag in his shoulder. In that bag, he carries all the letters and parcels. He goes house to house on foot or sometimes by riding a bicycle with that bag. He has to take address and signature of the receiver on the acknowledgement form in order to deliver things. The postman has a great sense of dutifulness. No matter how hot the day is or how hard it is raining, his work never stops. During the rainy season, the government gives him a waterproof raincoat, so that he can keep working as flat as a pancake.

A postman plays a vital role in our daily life. He delivers important parcels and documents from one place to another. He also delivers letters which is a very powerful thing. Because a letter carries a person’s emotions and dreams. Sometimes it carries bad and heartbreaking news as well. When a postman delivers a letter, he brings a person’s dreams, thoughts and view to his/her beloved. That really means a lot. In short, we can’t have enough words to
explain the importance of a postman in our daily life and society. It’s ineffable.

A postman is the symbol of honesty and sincerity. He is a great friend to all of us.

Written By - Pragya

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman