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The book is another verse of learning. Reading books increases empathy, sympathy, and creativity. It is one of the steps of education. Its importance is endless. But never mind, nowadays students do not read books. Reading books is very important so, here are why we should read books and its importance. When we get a new book, of course, we start reading it. But sometimes, we struggle with a new, unknown word. For example, you are reading a book now you have noticed a new unknown word. You don’t know, and it’s also unique to you. Then, you can open Google, type the word into the search bar, and learn the new term by seeing it in the dictionary. Each book may have at least 8-12 new words. This means 8-12 unique words we can learn from learning each book. Finally, this process supports building our vocabulary house faster. As we all know, reading helps us with writing. Following this, when reading a book, you learn many new things and get new ideas. So, this increases your capacity for creative writing. The reading book also helps us to reduce stress, improves concentration, memory, creativity, and imagination, enhances our knowledge, and more.