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Aim in Life

Everybody must have some ambition in life. A person must know his goal and what career he would like to follow when he grows up. Once the plan is decided, the person can work hard to achieve it. From my childhood, I have wanted to be a doctor. I am always worried when my friends and family are sick, and I feel like looking after them. My parents are pleased with my decision. They wish me all success and hope that I will achieve my ambition. After I get my medical degree, I shall set up a clinic in my village. There are no good doctors there. Many people die due to a lack of medical facilities. I want to provide medical aid to these poor villagers. I would not like to be a doctor for the sake of money. I shall make sure that poor people should not be deprived of treatment due to lack of funds. I shall be gentle and considerate with my patients. I shall educate people to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. With dedication, determination, and devotion, I will fulfill my ambition.


Writer: Fairose