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Importance of Reading Newspaper

The purpose of a newspaper is to convey current information, or ‘news,’ to a particular audience as efficiently as possible. Reading newspapers, without a doubt, is a beneficial habit. It benefits us in many ways- it keeps us updated about what’s going on around the world, and it also improves our general knowledge. In this modern age, reading newspapers has become more convenient as we don’t have to wait for the newspapers to be delivered; we can just read them online. Newspapers can satisfy people of all ages, as they are divided into several categories, and we can pick our desired topic. There are newspapers on sports, politics, economy, education, etc. The most important value of a newspaper is its educational purpose. We can improve our vocabulary by reading newspapers too. We can stay current by reading newspapers, which is crucial in the changing world. Newspaper makes it possible for us to sit at home and stay updated with the latest news around the world. That’s why reading newspapers daily is essential for everyone.

Writer: Syeda Iffat Tasnim