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A Good Citizen

“Every good citizen

Adds to the strength

To the nation.”

I agree with this quote. Because being just a leader is not enough. We have to be a good citizen. Every community needs a good citizen. Good citizens always follow the laws and regulations and pay their taxes on time. Being a good citizen determines patriotism and respect for the martyrs and the country. They obey traffic rules and always respect other’s decisions. They are always aware of their choices because they can have both positive and negative impact on society. They always try to give positive advice to others. They always help their neighbors and donate to the charity. They always give to the right person. They always help the government by obeying the laws correctly. They help the community during a meeting, seminar, or program. Whenever there is any discrimination or inequality, they always come forward and raise their voice against it. A good citizen always keeps the community clean. They always use everything. They always recycle and reuse things. They donate money to people experiencing poverty. Whenever someone is suffering, good citizens always rush to help. Whenever there is an emergency or problem, they always risk their life to help them. A good citizen should always be ready to fight for their nation. A good citizen consistently earns money in a good way. They never do corruption. They respect other cultures, too. They always work to make the future shine. They always work so that the nation can develop every moment. They never do such work that hurts the government, the people, or the community. Because – “A good citizen owes his life to his country.” A good citizen always follows the “SDGS.” They always work together by leaving no one behind. Once a great is also a leader of the country. And, of course, a leader is made of courage and integrity. Therefore, every citizen should have all these skills to make the world a better place.

Writer: Sobhana Sawkat