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Essay - My Native Village


The name of my native village is Mymensingh. It is a prominent big village in the district of Netrokona. The village is situated in Netrokona Sadar. The village is 125.16 km long.

Mymensingh is situated on the river Brahmaputra and it is the headquarter of the Mymensingh district. There are about four thousand people in our village. Most of them are Muslims. There are also Hindus here. Most of our people are farmers. Some are businessmen, some fishermen, some officers, some teachers, and so on.

Some famous people who lived in Mymensingh are – Humayun Ahmed, Abdul Mansur Ahmed, and Nurul Amin. Also, the seasonal pithas are amazing here. Especially “Monda” one kind of sweet made of milk. A local delicacy of Mymensingh.

There is a boys’ high school in my village which is famous all over the district. It has been imparting education to the boys of our village. Not only that but also a girls’high school is situated in the north of this village. There is a large local market which is called “Chuchua Bazar”.The daily market sits every day and hat sits twice in a week. The people of the surrounding villages come here every day in large numbers. The climate of this village is moderate. It is quite congenial to the health of the people. So most of the people living here can keep themselves healthy.

The natural scenery of our village is very pleasant. The canal, vast green fields ,garden,etc .captivate our eyes. The village is famous for paddy cultivation.

There is a proverb, “Man makes the town, and God makes the villages ” .Our food crops and vegetables are grown in the village. Indeed the natural beauty of the village is charming.

A  large number of people are businessmen. So the financial condition of our village is sound. To me, there is no such place as beautiful as our village. So, I love my native village very dearly.

Written By Tamanna Afroj

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman