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Sample – I


“Excellent firms don’t believe in

Excellence – only in constant Improvement and constant change”

In this modern world, we all have aims and wishes. We are curious about new kinds of stuff and new hobbies, and we want to learn them or want to know them in a very short period. It is not possible. As a result, we lost interest. But have we ever thought of taking small steps and doing the work little by little? No, we never thought of that. Well, Japan is a country where people use this kind of method. Which is called “Kaizen.” In my childhood, I used to hear that Japanese people were the most hardworking and intelligent. When Americans throw nuclear bombs at them, within 10 years, they overcome it and become the most developed and make

The economic situation is strong. The kaizen method is the strength of their development. This infamous Kaizen was invented by Japanese Man Masaki Imai. Kaizen stands for “change for the best.” These have been applied to healthcare, psychotherapy, banking, government, and other industries. It includes a cycle, which is the” PDCA “cycle. It means Plan- Do- Check- Act. Let me explain it, whenever we want to do something first, we have to make a plan so that we don’t

become confused about what to do first. Then we have to do the work as planned. Finishing the work, the most important part is to check that we have completed it as we planned, and then we can act on it. Now comes a real example:

Imagine that you have a brother/sister to do work within two hours. Wil he/ she do it? No, of course not. He/ She will start a real example:

Imagine that you have a brother/sister to do work within two hours. Will he/ she do it? No, of course not. He/ She will start making excuses. They will not show any interest. It’s a fact. But if I tell him to do the work within 1 minute. What will he do? He/ She will do the work instantly. Because they don’t have any excuse. Then the very next day you will suggest they do the work within 2 minutes. He/ She will do it. Then, day by day, you will increase the number. Undoubtedly, he will be in a habitat with two hours of work. That’s how people can get used to this Kaizen method gradually. And, of course, anyone can achieve anything with the method. Japanese people have been following this method since World War 2. Now look at them they are now the world’s most famous and hardworking and also genius people. The most developed and unique country. A wise man said that ” Success is the sum of small efforts – Repeated day in and day out” Masaki Imai said that “The message of the Kaizen strategy is that Not a day should go by with some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company, ” If we follow this Kaizen method, then every single work will become easier, and we will have much fun doing them. So, if you want to be successful in our life but don’t have any clue or motivation, then the Kaizen method is there for you. It can change your lifestyle.

Written By : Sobhana Showkat