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Bangladesh is the land of various kinds of fruits. Many varieties of fruits are grown in Bangladesh. Fruits are tasty and nutritious. Everybody likes fruits. The climate and geographical conditions are favourable for the high yield of fruits in our country. particularly in the summer. Some of the fruits are very big and small, and some are sour and sweet.

Mango is the most common fruit in Bangladesh. It is a delicious fruit. It is a very popular fruit as well. It is very juicy. But the mangoes from Rajshahi and Dinajpur are the best. Among the different varieties of mangoes the Fazli, Langra, and the Gopal Bhog deserve special mention. The mango is called the king of fruits.

         The jackfruit is the national fruit ofBangladesh. It is the largest of all fruits. It has juicy cells of yellow color inside it. It is very popular. It is very sweet and nutritious. It is found during the summer. The largest jackfruit is found in the Khagrachari district.

    The banana is another remarkable fruit. It has different varieties. The various types of bananas include, those are – theChampa,the sagar etc.

    The other kinds of fruits that are common in Bangladesh are pineapple, orange, guava, lichi, watermelon. Like mango, pineapple is grown in sylhet. It is a very healthy fruit.It is said that a glass of pineapple juice in the morning keeps the doctor far away.

The  coconut is another most common fruit of our country. Coconut milk is a very refreshing and tasty drink. Carbohydrates in coconut water also fills the energy deficit in the body.

         The orange is a sweet,sour and juicy fruit.It is very good for fever.It contains a sufficient amount of vitamin “C”.Another common fruit is lichi. It is very sweet. Nowadays watermelon has become one of the most popular fruits in our country. All those fruits are summer friendly. All these fruits are very delicious and nutritious.

       Fruits are very rich in food value.They contain vitamins and mineral salt which help us to keep in good health. we can prepare some fruit jam, jelly etc. It is regrettable that a lot of ripe fruits  perish and go to waste in our country. Government should take this matter seriously. So,we should plant more and more fruit bearing trees which are useful for our country.

Written By - Tamanna Afroj

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy