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Flowers are one of the most beautiful and incomparable creations of God.  Flowers are beautiful in everything. Flowers are loved by all for their fragrance and glossiness.

There are various types of flowers in this world. Each flower is a symbol of the freshness of nature. However, some flowers are known for their smell or brightness while others are known for their shape or color.

Every country has some well-known flowers that help a country to be known all over the world. One such country is our motherland Bangladesh.

The 6 seasons of 12 months of this country have their characteristics. And in this seasonal variety, there are many types of colorful flowers like Bangladesh. Water lily, sunflower, marigold, china rose, jasmine, tuberose, Kamini, Shefali, lotus, chameli, bakul, periwinkle, zinnia, silk cotton, etc are the famous and well-known flowers in this country. Water lilies are the national flower of Bangladesh.

People of Bangladesh have been fascinated by the beauty of different flowers for years.  Poet Dwijendralal Roy has described the nature of this country in the song “Dhono Dhanno Pushpobora” because of the natural beauty of this country and the beauty of its beautiful flowers.

Flowers play a role in enjoying a happy and comfortable life by removing depression from the human mind. The beauty of flowers makes the heart pure.

So many flowers are grown in Bangladesh now because the climate, weather, and soil of our country are suitable for producing different types of flowers.

In terms of food, flowers make honey. Moreover, flower production also contributes to the economy of Bangladesh. Also, people use flowers on many occasions, festivals, etc. So flowers are closely related to people and nature.

Written By - Salsabila Khanam

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy