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Education has become a major factor in our world. None can lead a life without education. In this society women still don’t get the right to have an education. They are far behind in this matter. With education, girls can get their human rights and attend the world’s development. They can gain knowledge about health, nutrition, science, and the world today’s situations and make decisions on their own.

According to UNESCO 129 million girls are not getting an education. They are forced to marry and have children at a very early age. Because of that girls cannot lead their education far away. Goal:5 SDG gender equality says that boys and girls equally have the right to have education and gain skills.  It also mentions that women are the empowering of the world. I agree with the part.

As a girl, I can say that without an education a human is nothing but helpless. There was a time when women were thought of as a burden and men were thought of as a blessing. Women didn’t get the proper respect. Even though women have the right to get respect. They were treated very harshly. They had a curfew. So, they stayed at the house all the time. Because of that, they didn’t have the opportunity to go to school and have proper education.

But now our world has become modern it is now time to change our way of thinking. We have to be united, in order to educate women. Because they are the light of our future. If the women are educated no source, no conflict and no storm can harm the world or a nation.

Malala Yousafzai said that-“Education is neither eastern nor western. Education is education and it’s the right of every human being’’. So, from now on let’s try to help the women who can’t get an education on their own. Let us try to follow the SDG motto- “Leaving no one behind”. If we follow this then surely the women will be educated. Because” If there is will there is a way”.

Written By -Sobhana Showkat

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy