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Sample - 1

Seasons of choice can be observed in people’s preferences. I also have favorite seasons. Since Bangladesh is a country of six seasons, the different beauty of nature is seen here every two months. But to me, the king of all seasons Spring is the most beautiful.

The 6 equipped season of Bangladesh is: The Summer, The Rainy, The Autumn, The late autumn, the winter and the last one is The Spring which I like most.

In English months, the 14th of February to the 13th of April and Bengali months, Falgun and Chaitra make up the Spring season.

Other seasons bring a variety. But, spring is a season that brings all the colors of nature. Which creates a kind of calmness and freshness in nature.

In spring, new life emerges in nature. Various types of colorful flowers bloom on trees and plants. An abundance of sweet fruits can be observed and the melodious singing of the birds brings out nature in a new way. The sky remains clear, and the fragrance of flowers flow through the air. The flight of bees, butterflies brings perfection to the beauty of flowers.

Nature takes love of beauty through Spring. It’s a season of delightness. In my eyes, Spring are Sunny, most attractive and loveliest season ever.

It is special to me for its music of melody, freshness and brightness.

Spring gives me the consciousness to be cheerful, as well as the consciousness of joy. Spring teaches me to be alive, teaches me to fly, teaches me to be colorful. Also, it teaches me how to relax. And for these reasons, I love the Spring season most.

Written By - Salsabila Khanam

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy