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Sample - 1

The country of rivers, the country of songs, the country of birds, the country of flowers, the country of fruits is our motherland Bangladesh.

Among the many beautiful things in Bangladesh is the presence of birds. Because, nature is incomplete without them.

Our Bangladesh has a wonderful natural beauty.  Many different species of birds live here.  Different kinds of birds can be seen in the forests, fields, river banks and around the houses etc. They are completely different from one another in different types, melodies and music.  Their movements and behavior are completely different. Their physical structure is also different.

Almost many types of birds are seen in Bangladesh and the most common of them is the crow.

Other birds that can be seen are: the Doel, the Shyama, the Cuckoo, the Koel, the Chandana, the Bou kotha kou, the Parrot, the Mayna, the Shalik, the Shag, the Weavers, the Kingfisher etc.

Such birds are famous and known for many kind of particular reasons. Like : Some are known for their sweet voice, some are known for their imperfect and harsh tone , some are known for their beautiful looks, and some are known for their intelligence and presence. They are known for their character also.

Nature of Bangladesh is beautiful for birds.  It is not known how many unknown birds live here.  Birds everywhere.  By the call of the bird we fall asleep, by the call of the bird we wake up, by the call of the bird it is evening, by the call of the bird it is morning.  And among these birds, Doyle is our national bird.

Birds are one of the resources of our environment. We must refrain from hunting them  and to keep them free and independent.

Written By - Salsabila Khanam

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy