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We, the people read books to fulfill our curiosity and to gain more and more knowledge. In this world, there is no loyal friend as a book. It gives us knowledge which is life and death to grow. But it doesn’t expect anything in return from us. Also, books have the super power to make us travel without moving our feet. So, it’s perplexing.

I’m also a very massive book lover. In my family and to my friends I’m mostly known as a gigantic bibliophile. I really like it though. Reading books is one of my most favorite hobbies. It helps me to learn and be a better version of myself. Every time I read a book, I feel like the author is sharing his/her ideas, memories and fantasies with me. And to me, it’s awesome that even though we don’t know each other, I’m getting to know about them.

People have different genres of books that like. For example, fictions, novels, poetry, thrillers, horror, self-help, history, autobiography and many more. I read almost all kinds of books. But my book genre is self-help. And the book I like most is “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” by Heamin Sunim.

I read this book in April, 2022 when I was so depressed about my exams. At a point, I realized that I was not really learning anything. I was just crying every day, pressuring myself and overthinking. So I told myself that I really need to slow down and take a break. I thought about reading a new book and I found it on Google. I was so attracted to the name that I couldn’t help reading it.

The book seems very thick but it’s actually so thin. It only has 6 chapters. They are “rest”, “mindfulness”, “passion”, “relationship”, “love” and “life”. All the chapters contain some precious messages. So all are my favorite but I like the chapter, “Passion” the most. It touched me very passionately.

I learnt so many things from this book which made me even more mature. I’m going to highlight a few things only. The first thing I learnt is that we should not force ourselves to calm down when we are angry. It made me realize that anger is nothing but a feeling and it’s normal. As a short-tempered person, I used to take anger very seriously and I thought getting angry is a crime. It made situation even worse. So the book made me a serene. It made me realize that we are always busy proving ourselves that we often forget about our relationships. So after reading this, I focused on my relationships and friendships and improved them. It also developed my leadership skills. I learnt from this book how to be a good leader. In short, this book boosted me so much that now when I look at my past self, I can’t believe that it was me.

Books are like people.  We meet a lot of people but we don’t keep all of them in our mind. All the same, we read a lot of books but we forget. But some books are there which touch our heart so affectionately that we are unable to forget them. “Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” is also one of those special books that I’m always going to keep in my mind and I think this is where it deserves to be. The only bad thing about this book is it ends. I still remember the feeling when I finished reading it. I felt like I’ve lost a very precious friend of mine.

Books are uniquely portable magic. It blocks out all the noise and takes you on a journey with different characters. It takes you out of your comfort zone and beefs you up. Losing myself in the pages of a book is euphoria.


Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy