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Essay - Tea


We the people in the world has our own daily appetite, which is the part of our daily routine.It's also called our habitual appetite.And habitual appetite means that type of foods or drinks that we can’t think any single day without having. And the most interesting part is that ,tea is one of them.Even we start our life by having refreshing tea.Basically It’s one type of leaves ,when it becomes dry we make it into a colorful drink by boiling .And it’s true that almost 2 billion people of world starts their own day with tea.

There is a scientific name of tea which is “Camellia Sinensis”.Its place of origin is in china.About thousand years ago,For the first time chines did cultivating on tea.And in 1650, they commercially introduced this unique drink"tea "to the whole world.Then it started growing in India. In 1843,tea was first cultivated by the bank of Karnaphuli river in Chittagong ,the second largest city of Bangladesh. By researching it's noted that within the year of 2008 ,there are thirty eight lakhs of tons of tea crops in the whole world. And nowadays tea lovers are increasing day by.

There are lots of variety of tea.Such as Red tea, Black tea , Flavored Black tea, Green tea, Oolong tea,Herbal tea,Peppermint tea,Lemongrass tea,Masala tea,Tandoori tea,Ginger tea etc. But in Bangladesh most of the people like milk tea.

Sylhet,Moulvibazar,Habiganj and Chittagong are the most popular places for best tea leaves in Bangladesh. Nowadays these places turn into tourist places.People gather here and gain lots of knowledge on tea.And the most famous country for tea is china .Assam is also re known to all for their cultivating tea.There is a city in assam ,”Dibrugarh” is called Tea city
of India.

There are lots of benefits by having tea.Like, it makes our body fit ,removes tiredness ,removes bad headache, helps to remove sneezing , cough and more other. Now it also protect our body from cancer.Its also stops cell damaging.So in short ,we can say that ,tea could be a just drink but it brings lots of benefits to our body.

Having is good but over having is not good at all for health.Like that tea is also good but over taking tea causes lots of problem in our health and it has lots of side affects too.Such as poor sleep,anxiety,restlessness,dizziness,heartburn, nausea etc.So we should aware about ourselves while taking tea.

In short we can only say that, tea brings happiness to our togetherness.We used to take tea while making gossiping.It's also makes our time full of joy.It removes our thirsty .In spite of having demerits,merits are lot.As it becomes our part of our daily apatite,we can never be stop having tea.At the same time,we should also aware about our health if tea causes side effects or not.

Written By - Nabila kamal

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman