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Essay - Science In Everyday Life


Science has greatly benefited humankind. The introduction of science into everyday life is the best thing that has ever occurred to man. Science was introduced into a world that was filled with ignorance, sorrow, and pain. Science has come to free us from pain, to dispel our ignorance, and to make our labors easier.

Science is a devoted assistant to humanity. It benefits us in every aspect of life. It serves as our assistant at home, on the farm, and in the factory. Science has drastically changed how we live. The day when only wealthy men could purchase luxury items is long gone. Science has reduced their cost and made them accessible to everyone. Products from science are available in a broad market. In every market, they are offered for a low price. All kinds of entertainment, including books, music, and movies, have been sent to our home. Radio, television, and the movies entertain us while simultaneously educating us.

Science is the most reliable of our medical companions. It displays utmost concern for our health. We have numerous ailments treated thanks to science. We now have the ability to stop epidemics. Cholera, plague, and smallpox are no longer the banes of humanity. Science has increased human longevity and contributed to a decline in mortality.

The advancement of science has shortened distances and improved travel. Time and space have been destroyed by science. While airplanes travel thousands of kilometers in a couple of hours, trains rumble through jungles, mountains, and deserts. Now, hours may be used to do tasks that used to take months or years.

The greatest gift to the struggling housewife is science. Now they have a thousand tools at their disposal to make their work easier. Cooking is enjoyable in kitchens that are powered by electricity. With the use of gas and electricity, cooking may be completed in a flash without the presence of dirt or smoke. They use electricity to clean floors, press garments, and even wash and press clothes.

We now have computers and other tools, thanks to science, which has considerably improved our productivity. Today, we have better access to individuals and knowledge is just a mouse click away. Man no longer has to laboriously plow the earth with animals or dig into mines with naked hands. Every factory serves as a living memorial to the comforts and cares that science has infused into our lives.

Science teaches us in a variety of ways. Numerous books are produced at low cost by large printing machines. Through the newspaper, radio, and television, we receive news from all around the globe.

However when it comes to arms, science has done a grave damage to humanity. Weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, and highly developed armament have put our lives at risk and pose a threat to the annihilation of the entire planet.Nevertheless, it is up to us to decide whether we will use science to obliterate our planet or improve its beauty and comfort.

Written By - Farhan

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman