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Essay - Rice


Rice is a principal food of the people of Bangladesh. It's obtained from paddy. It’s one of the main food stuffs of people of India. Aso different types of rice are eaten in different ways depending on the place. West Bengal and Bangladesh eat plain rice. But in China, Japan,Korea eating glutinous rice is popular.

Rice grows well in hot and low-lying land where rain and water stands. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of rice. The other countries which grow rice largely are India, China, Japan, Thailand, Srilanka, Burma, Philippines etc. Rice is cooked by boiling water. But different types of rice are cooked on top of different varieties of rice.

There are 3 kinds of rice. They are Aus, Aman and Boro. There is another variety of rice called the Irri. The farmers cut the ripen paddy and tie them into bundles. They carry the bundles home.Then the paddy is separated from stalks.
Rice is 2 kinds.
1.Atap &
2.Shiddha or boiled.

When the paddy is dried in the sun and husked for rice, it’s called Atap rice.
And the paddy which is boiled and husked for rice it’s called Shiddha rice.
Rice mainly provides carbohydrate. But some meat is also found in it. Sugar 79%, Fat 6%, some meat, Vitamins and mineral salts.

Rice is the most useful food grain of Bangladesh. It gives us heat and energy. Also Bengali’s favorite food is rice. That’s why Bengalis are called by, “Mache Bhate Bengali”.

Various types of food are prepared from rice. These are cakes, fried rice, beaten rice, chira, muri, khai, biriyani, polao, khichuri etc are made from it.

Rice is one of the traditional foods of Bangladesh. So we should cultivate and grow more and more paddy for rice.


Written By - Salsabil

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman