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Physical exercise is the regular movement of human body parts. It makes our body fit and makes our mood good. It helps us to have a sound health and lead a healthy life.

There are many types of physical exercise. For example, walking, running, riding a cycle, weight lifting etc. All types of sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. are also considered physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for all the people. Games are pretty good for the kids and teenagers. Young people can do heavy exercise like weight lifting. Walking and light movements are good for the old.

Early morning is the best time for exercising according to research. But we can do it in the evening as well. We should take exercise in an empty stomach. Exercising after having meal often causes nauseous and dizziness. Also exercise should be taken in an open space.

As we all know, the key of success is having a good health which we can’t have without exercising. Physical exercise makes our body strong and active and it helps us to work harder. Research has shown that taking exercise daily doesn’t only make our physical health strong but also boosts our mental health. This is why, it is said that “A sound mind lives in a sound body.” It also keeps us free from any illness. In short, it is essential to take physical exercise if we want to ensure our happiness and success.

Physical exercise is so important for the students. They have to make sure their health is good. Or else, they will be unable to be attentive in their studies and have good grades. So they must do exercise and have a sound health. So many researches also show that those who takes exercise in a regular basis have better grades than those who don’t.

Not having physical exercise daily is one of the worst habits of people. When person doesn’t do exercise, diseases start to harm him/her. As a result, he/she becomes sick. Most of the people in our country are effected by diabetes. Even now, some young people are also having this problem. Having heavy meals and not taking exercise is the main reason of this problem. On the other hand, our neighbor country, India has very healthy citizens. They stay strong even when they are getting old. The reason is most of them are used to Yoga which is also a form of physical exercise. The Chinese people are also healthier than us for the reason that they do some special exercise called “Tai Chi” and “Qigong.” We, the people are unable to find joy and interest in our life without taking physical exercise. People who refuse to do exercise become the victims of many diseases very easily and can’t bloom in life.

If we don’t make time for exercising, we have to make time for sickness. Physical exercise doesn’t only change your body. It positively changes our mind, attitude and mood. So doing some physical exercise every day is outstanding. All of us ought to make physical exercise an important part of our life in order to lead a jovial and peaceful life.


Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy