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Essay - Jute


Jute is a monsoon crop. We get it from the bark of jute plant. It’s a traditional crop of Bangladesh. Jute's scientific name is “Corchorus capsularis”.

Bangladesh is the tangible home for growing the best and superior quality of jute. But nowadays, jute is grown in many other countries of the world such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Nepal, China etc.

Jute seeds are sown in the pre-monsoon months of “Chaitra-Baishakh”,with air humidity of 70%-90%. Weeding, tree selection and other interim maintenance are carried out during the relatively dry season of the 1st month. Jute is harvested when the canals are planted in nearby water bodies. This method of jute cutting is called “Ribbon Retting”. Jute crop isn’t much affected by temporary drought or water logging. Jute fields require on irrigation or

Faridpur district produces the most jute in Bangladesh.

Jute is marketed in 3 stages. 1st stage is small market, 2nd stage is big market, 3rd stage is export to domestic jute mills and foreign market. Jute is exported from farmers through marketing system.

Jute is used in marketing lots of things. Generally, it's used to make gunny bags, clothes, carpets, ropes, mats etc.It’s also used in marketing school bags, false hair, painter’s brushes etc. Recently, jute are used in marketing paper. People eat it's tender leaves as vegetables.Our scientists are also trying to make it more useful for our profits and benefits.

The requirements of jute is very affluent. Jute is a very important cash crop of our country. It earns a lot of foreign money. It's our national wealth. It’s a source of our national economy and prospect of Bangladesh. That’s why jute is a Golden fiber in our country.


Written By - Salsabil

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman