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Essay - Digital Bangladesh


We the people are called best creature of the world. God gifts us such a beautiful planet. Even other planets aren’t so suitable for all. Also we really live in a great motherland. We are getting beautiful nature, And from the nature, we are getting food, shelter, water etc. But inspite of taking care of this land, we are just destroying. Excessively cutting down trees are mainly responsible for destroying the world. We are so selfish that we are just thinking about our luxurious life, not even about our environment. And Planting trees is one the solution which can give us peaceful life.

Usually when we go to our village that time we feel so peace and satisfaction. Because there we can get pure and fresh air. But if we talk about city life, then the first thing come to mind is traffic jam, dust, huge crowd of people and sound pollution. And the difference between city life and village life is Tree plantation. In village life, we can see a large of number trees. That’s why almost all the people like village.

There is lot of benefits of planting trees. The first thing is to survive in this world we need oxygen. And Trees gives us oxygen. And we exhale Carbondyoxcide because it’s harmful for us. And Tree inhales carbondyoxcide from us. Basically, The process is called “Give and Take”. But nowadays, we are just taking from tress not giving anything. If we are giving something to them that is death. We are cutting down trees excessively. We are snatching their life. On the other hand, Trees give us wood from where we can make furnitures and houses. Trees give us leaves for where we can make foods and medicine. And also Trees are giving us shadow and beautiful nature with their flowers. Only for trees our world looks so attractive.

If we cut trees, we have to face lot of problems. Even it can be said one type of committing Suicide. Because when we cut trees that time the level of Carbondyoxcide gases will be increased than Oxygen. And some dangerous gases with Carbondyoxcide depletes the ozone layer. As a result it causes global warming. Global warming means when temperature is gradually increasing that melts the ice burgs and rises sea level. And it causes dangerous flood. That’s how, people cause their own death.

At last, we can say that trees are really our best friend. We should make a good bond between human and trees. Because in vain, they are giving us our life. So, it’s our duty that if we have to cut one trees then we must plant more ten trees. There is famous slogan is “Go Green, Breath green”. And also ” Save the planet, Go Sustainable “.

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Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy