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Global warming is not a prediction,

It is now happening all over the world. Everyone is fairly familiar with the issue of global warming. Global warming is basically the gradual increase in the earth’s temperature. This situation is getting worse day by day due to various natural and manmade reasons. First we need to find out the causes of global warming. Then we can solve the problem.

        Before anything else, we have to talk about deforestation. Due to deforestation, the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s air is increasing. The excessive amount of carbon dioxide is injurious for the environment.

This carbon dioxide gas, fossil fuels, black smoke produced from various factories or vehicles and many other harmful gases and burning them, are together called as greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases have made a layer outside of the earth’s surface. And the effects caused by these gases are known as the greenhouse effect.

Generally, the heat of the sun enters the earth during the day and at night it escapes from the earth and cools it. But the greenhouse gases block the heat from leaving the earth at night causing the earths temperature to rise more and more eventually.

So, to prevent this situation all of us should take necessary steps. We must start planting more and more trees to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and try to reduce the factories huge amount of black smoke. We must remember, our one small step can create a huge difference in changing our world and in making our future a little better.

Written By -Musfirat Tasnim Rahman

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy