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Environment Pollution

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With everything that we have around us like air, sky, trees, etc. the environment is created. Environmental pollution means the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. We, the people, are the biggest cause of environmental pollution. Because of our harmful activities, the environment is getting worse day by day. It’s a big problem that needs to be solved soon as it impacts the economy, people’s health, and our planet, earth very negatively.

We make the environment polluted by polluting the materials of the environment. For example, so many factories are there to fulfill our needs to produce smoke. This smoke increases carbon dioxide in the air and air pollution takes place. The smoke from many transportations like cars also causes air pollution.

When solid waste, chemicals, and other harmful things are dumped on open land, the soil becomes polluted. It is believed that waste from cities and runoff from farms are the main reason for soil pollution.

Waste from industries and factories is being dumped into rivers and other water bodies which turns into water pollution. As the other name of water is life, water pollution is harmful to humans and all the living creatures in the world.

Loudspeakers, microphones, loud music, horns of vehicles, etc. cause noise pollution. Big machines factories are also responsible for this. We should be aware of this.

Environmental pollution is damaging our health and also harming us in many ways. People suffer from many problems like cancer because of air pollution. Many aquatics are losing their lives because of water pollution and the variation of the animal kingdom is falling off. Noise pollution creates problems like headaches, tiredness, lack of interest, etc.

Our activities are mainly creating environmental pollution and we are the ones who are affected the most. So we should create awareness among people and work together to make our world greener. We ought to plant ten trees if we cut one. We must be united to solve this problem. Because unity is strength. We have to keep in mind that awareness and planting trees are the most effective solution to snooze environmental pollution. We must follow the slogan “live green, love green, think green.”

Written By - Proggya

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy