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Essay - Digital Bangladesh


“Digital”, it mainly stands for the technology of a country where computers and other electronics are used widely. And “Bangladesh”, we say all the people that it’s our motherland where we took birth. But We never thought before that we could introduce our country as a Digital Bangladesh. Since after the Liberation war the year of 1971, it was just a dream to build Digital Bangladesh. And Now in this present time, we finally live in a modern society. It was really tough to implement. But still we hope that we’ll build our beloved Country as a “Digital Bangladesh” after lots of difficulty .

 In this generation, people are invented new things which is really make our life easier. Even in Bangladesh, we can see everywhere, the students and workers are having proper communication with people. Like in ancient time, we couldn’t have any proper vehicles to visit anywhere. But now we have electronic car, truck and many other. And also, students are getting more fun by using digital way in their study like Projector and computer. By using these types of electronics, we are now updated. And Now the whole world is at our hand. In 2018,we invented “Bangobondhu Satellite – 1” which is given a new life to Bangladesh. It was also a dream but we turned into a truth. “The Padma Bridge” and “Dhaka metro rail “was also a dream. And we also made it true. Recently, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel or Karnaphuli Tunnel is being implemented by the Bangladesh Bridge Authority. Another sufficient goal was that to make Bangladesh as a middle income country. And we had done by 2021.And now the goal is that to make Bangladesh as a Developed (Digital)country by 2041.

There is a proverb, “Easy to say but difficult to do” And to make Bangladesh as a digital Bangladesh, it was also just like this proverb. But we never stopped and aimed to achieve all the goals. But still there is some challenges. The main reason is poverty. And also Corruption, Climate change, illiteracy etc. The challenges are the barrages of a developing country.

So that’s why after getting success in MDGs, Bangladesh is now aiming to achieve SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)-the 17 goals by 2030 which is established by the united nation. In this goal, the first   goal is to make free a country from poverty. Not only with sdgs, Bangladesh is aiming to achieve all the main goals from different organisations which can make our country as a developed country. And also Government are playing a vital role in this time.

 In this civilised world, we have to be updated. Because nowadays, ICT (Information Communication and technology) has great importance in our life. At the same time, Digital governances, e- agriculture and e- commerce etc is needed. So for that, we are aiming that Bangladesh will be known as a Digital Bangladesh as soon as possible all over the world.

Written By - Nabila kamal

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy