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Deforestation means cutting down or burning the trees of an area. It is one of the most critical problems around the globe. It is increasing rapidly day by day. It is also a massive issue in our country.

People cut down trees for the sake of agriculture and residence. Even though trees help us in several things in life, cutting them down indiscriminately for our own needs are gradually creating serious problems in our environment.

Trees are shelter and also home for so many wild animals and birds. It is the most important and suitable place for them to live. But enormous deforestations done by us humans are destroying their residence, making many animals and birds disappear day by day. So to say, the consequences of deforestation on human beings are positively dreadful.

Again cutting down the gigantic amount of trees are also promptly decreasing the quantity of oxygen in the air, making people suffer from various diseases like heart diseases, bronchitis and so on. Additionally it is increasing more and more carbon-dioxide, which is rising heat on earth. It also disturbs the ecological balance.

Also we cannot forget to talk about how deforestation is causing a weighty damage to the soil. Deforestation is leading to consequential soil erosion, making the riverbed filled with sediment and causing frequent floods.

Deforestation creates an unbearable climate and brings a great devastation to the people of the country. It has now become a national problem. So people of all category should come forward and take steps to find the key to this problem. The illiterate people should be made conscious regarding the bad effects of deforestation. It is an essential duty and responsibility of all the inhabitants of the world to keep the environment balanced. If we don’t start saving our environment now, we might face  ecological disorder in near future and thus cannot expect a secure future for our next generation.

Written By -Musfirat Tasnim Rahman

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy