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Essay - A village fair


Introduction: When we the people think about any meeting places where we can get opportunity to talk with various types of people that time “Fair” this word come into our mind.And A village fair is one of them. Nowadays in this busy days, we are forgetting to enjoy our life.For enjoying life, we choose village to get fresh air and peace.And A village fair is the part of a village life. Now It’s a part and parcel of our daily life. It removes our monotony.

Usually A village fair held for once a year or once a month.It sits for long time as it held once.It sits by the bank of the river or canal or in a big field.Basically A village fair is organized on the occasion of “Bangla Noboborsho” and any other religious festive.Like sometimes a village fair held for eid festive,sometimes for durgapuja,sometimes for budhpurnima and sometimes for Christmas day.On the other hand, on some big occasions like independence day,victory day; a village fair also sits.

A village fair is mostly like an exhibition where people can gather and buy their own needs.It’s great happiness for villagers when they get to know that a village fair is going to held.They get so excited. And they help sellers to create stalls in a fair.

In a village fair, buyer and viewers can’t able to forget their enjoyable moments because lots of people come on fair.So they can meet their relatives and enjoy together.Specially for children there is a playground, where they can enjoy on “Nagordola”. It’s great attraction for them.Otherwise the main attraction for all types of people is “Morag fight”. There are some people who only come on fair to enjoy the fight between two hen.

And Jari gan, Bawol gan,Lalon giti,Circus parties, Jatra parties are also attractive to the people.Magicians also come to show their magic.That time, It's made a great crowd of people when they eager to enjoy the magic.Doll dancing is the best part of a village fair. Children never forget to buy toys which is made of mud on a fair.Home made fan is so popular in a village fair.And about food!!people are restless to have sweets,pitas etc.

People of all classes come and can enjoy.Because they can buy their daily necessary things at a cheap rate.It’s a way for the sellers to earn money. So that’s how a village fair makes a beautiful bond between a seller and a buyer.

Though it has a great importance to the villagers but it has demerits tooo.As It’s a meeting place for all types of people so its a big chance to the thiefs,and pick poketers to loot people. Otherwise,some foods are uncovered and unhealthy which can be created disease to the people.

It's true that a village fair has demerits but merits are lot.So we should be aware about our sanitation. So that we can capture our beautiful moments in a fair with our family.

Written By - Nabila kamal

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman