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Sample - 1

A moonlit night appears to be a silver lake. During the day, the world is a gold lake. At night, the dazzling light of the sun gives way to the soft light of the moon. The moon has a strange fascination with our hearts and minds. Man’s entire outlook transforms.

The moonlight has a special appeal in the villages. You can’t go for a village walk in the summer because it’s too hot. Because it is dark at night, you cannot walk. However, a moonlit night is an excellent time to get outside and enjoy nature in its purest form.

My friend and I used to walk from one end of our village to the other on such nights.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We started at sunset and walked six or seven miles to a location. We not only arrived at our destination completely refreshed but also with a poetic itch to write couplets.

Nature’s splendors enchant everyone on a moonlit night. Peacocks whistle beautifully.

Their whistles can be heard for several furlongs. Other animals are enjoying the scene as well. The dogs are more intelligent. The jackals’ howls are less hoarse. The frogs jump for joy. Only the owls and bats are downcast. Our village’s ancient tower is especially lovely in the moonlight. It takes on a new shape and a new mystery. In the silvery light of the moon, it gleams white. The streets appear to have been washed with milk, and the trees, bushes, and flowers fill the air with a sweet aroma.

A railway journey is enhanced by moonlight because trees flit by like sentries on duty.

In the distance, lakes and mountains gleam. The fields resemble a fairyland. Everything dull and drab during the day becomes beautiful in the moonlight.

Written By - MD Farhan Sadik Seyan

Chief Editor- Abdul Rakib M Rahman

Content Editor - Joya Roy