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Sample – I


The fear, nervousness or worry that we feel while learning, using or speaking foreign language is called Xenoglossophobia. The other name of it is “Foreign Language Anxiety.” So many factors are there that may cause foreign language anxiety. The first cause is the environment. When we start learning or speaking a foreign language, we get discouraged by the people of the society. That’s why many people do not want to learn any foreign language. The second cause is people are afraid of making mistakes. When we learn a new language, we have to keep in mind that it’s not our own language. So it’s normal for us to make mistakes. The fear of making mistakes leads people to not learning any foreign language. The third cause is pressure. Most of the languages are learnt as a subject in our school or university. So the students feel pressured to learn it, give exams and pass. This eventually turns into Xenoglossophobia. Learning foreign language is a skill that helps us in many ways. With language, we can be at home anywhere. So everyone should learn a language other than our own mother tongue. For this, we have to overcome Xenoglossophobia. There is no problem without a solution in this world. We ought to take some steps to overcome this problem. First of all, we have to be flexible to make mistakes and we have to learn from those mistakes. We cannot learn anything without making any mistake. According to an American basketball coach John Wooden, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not doing anything.” Secondly, don’t run before walking. We should start by taking small steps in order to build interest and confident. Thirdly, we should tell ourselves about the importance and advantages of learning foreign languages. We should keep reminding ourselves how benefited we will be in the future by learning this. By taking these steps, we can overcome a terrible problem, Xenoglossophobia. Remember, a different language is a different vision of life.

Written By : Proggya Paramita