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World orphans day 2023

Mom and papa both are just like an umbrella of a child. All time, they give shelter to the child with no selfishness but with a lot of loves. But the thing is that everyone is not getting this umbrella which is filled with the love of parents.

And the sinister is the “Orphans”. “Orphans’ ‘ the word stands for a child who has lost his father or mother or both. Even research says that about 100 million orphans exist in this whole world. There are two types of orphans. The one who has lost their parents and the other, those who are thrown in the dustbins willingly by their parents. There are lots of reasons why a child becomes orphans. And first and foremost reason is poverty. Depriving from 6 human basic needs a person can’t survive properly and thus a child becomes an orphan.  Almost all orphans are counted from Russia, Iran, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Pero etc. In Bangladesh, almost 4.8 million orphans are here. They are orphans because they don’t have to call someone papa, mummy. They have none as a guider, mentor or an idol to show them a right path. So, for these helpless orphans, there are lot of orphans’ centres in Bangladesh. And also WOC(World orphans centre) has declared that 20th April will be the day for them as world orphans day. On this day, we the people can make the happiest day in their life by distributing good foods, Toys, dress etc. And also, as a literate person, we can teach them or we can make a shelter for them. The most important thing, we can adopt this orphan. Because “the world may not change if you adopt a child, but for that child their world will change “. So, we should aim that in this year (2023) we’ll organise a best day for them because we can’t help everyone but why not only keep trying.

Written By : Nabila Kamal