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Why are people starving? When we are consuming a healthy three-time meals per day, some people are still dreaming of it. A survey says that more than 828 million people are still not sure if they’re getting their next meal or not. Because of several reasons, the world is facing a food crisis, and the number of people who are suffering from hunger is increasing day by day at an alarming speed. Firstly, one of the main reasons why people are going through food shortages is conflict. We can never put an end to hunger if we don’t end the clash. Those who are living in conflict-affected areas are suffering the most. The world is now standing at the edge of a hunger pandemic and along with the influence of the coronavirus. According to another research, more than 270 million people are suffering from the food crisis. Secondly, the thing that is affecting the world food crisis is natural calamities. Tornados, earthquakes, cyclones, etc disasters come from nature. But floods, tides, river erosion, etc calamities often come because of human deeds. These natural disasters can destroy a civilization, a village, or an entire city. And it causes them many difficulties like lack of safe water, shelter, and most importantly food. The people in the disaster-affected zone spend many days just rebuilding their houses, crops-fields, shops, etc. That’s why they go without food for a lot of days. On top of that, areas that are highly at risk of natural calamities, those communities’ citizens are always in shortage of food. Because before one disaster ends, another one knocks at the door. Thirdly, the thing that increases the world food crisis is the black marketing of food. Some dishonest businessmen cheat customers by putting more price on a product than its original value. And convince the customers by saying that there is a shortage of that product, that’s why the price of the fewer amount of it is more. This heinous act by them causes a lot of middle and lower-class people to starve. Nonetheless, we all come forward to end the world food crisis. Sustainable development Goal -2 which is zero hunger, is already working on it. And their goal is to end world hunger by 2030. But we don’t have much time. Stop hunger and begin sharing- we have to spread this slogan to as many people as possible. We should remember that even the smallest amount of food that we waste can be a meal for a person in need. So we must start taking the necessary steps. Because even the slightest step can change countless lives.

Written By : Mushfirat Tasnim Rahman