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Sugar is everyone’s favourite, isn’t it? It is sweet and makes almost everything taste better. You know how tough It is only if you’re one of the many people who have tried to trim back on sugar. Many people might have even experienced a cancellation. This all happens when we eat sugar which overexcited the reward centres of our brain causing us to become addicted to it. When we eat high-sugar food, the reward centres of the brain are switched on. Simultaneously, an extensive amount of dopamine is released, which makes consuming sugar feel so good. When we eat high-sugar food frequently, our body develops a tolerance that makes us want to eat more and more sugar to match the level of reward. Because of the powerful effects sugar has on the brain, it can also be considered a drug because its functions are so similar to how actual drugs like cocaine and heroin do. Sugar is as bad as drugs for us. There are two ways in which we have sugar in our food. Naturally occurring sugar and added sugar. Added sugar is also called poison. As it has no nutritional value and no essential proteins. It has a dangerous effect on our metabolism and puts up the enlargement of countless consequential health conditions and diseases. Sugar is an unseen ingredient in so many of the foods that we partake in every day. That’s why we must know how important it is to look at food labels that show if there is sugar in the food we’re consuming. We might find it hidden under different titles like fructose, glucose, lactose, etc. However, the number 1 culprit is high fructose corn syrup, which might not be noticed by us but it could be found in foods like frozen dinners, peanut butter, salad dressing, canned fruits, etc. As it might be too tough for us to entirely cut back on sugar, the least we can do is try to consume as less sugar as possible and try to go for natural alternatives. We must remember that – the sweet present we are enjoying now will turn our future sourer, only if we don’t get aware right now.


Written By : Mushfirat Tasnim Rahman