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Social media and it’s impact

Waking up every morning and using the mobile phone to see who has sent a few messages and replying to them, logging into Facebook to see who has posted what and uploading some of someone’s activities on Instagram, as well as joining an afternoon meeting by logging into the Zoom app, etc. Actually, these are our daily routines. Today we are living in an era where morning does not start without visiting them. And these are basically called social media.

We are social creatures. We live in society and every society has human presence.  But yes, the presence is only physically, not mentally. Now, we don’t know about the presence of anything around us. This is because of the impact of social media.

We are destroying our own lives with our own hands. We never thought that these social media are created by humans and those who created it know it’s harmful aspects and work accordingly. We also know about this but we are not working accordingly. We are basically using them like drugs. Which is harming our life a lot.

We use social media more for showing off than actually doing good. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg (The Co-founder & CEO of Facebook) said that, “Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It’s almost a disadvantage if you’re not on it now.”

Also, Pete Cashmore (Founder of Mashable.com) said that,

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value.”

Since the global pandemic coronavirus (Covid 19) spread to all our countries, the use of social media has become excessive in every people’s home. And this beginning may never have an end. And according to the circumstances of that time we had no choice albeit to use it. From online classes to online shopping, office meetings, communication with family, everything was online dependent. And this technology dependence and the use of social media has become the biggest problem in our present life.

Some of the effects according to this situation are mentioned below:

1) Due to the use of social media, many people have problems like headaches, backaches etc.

2) Many people have eye problems due to online classes.

3) The brain of the students is over-affected due to this.

4) Many have become involved in bad and illegal works.

6) As a result of social media, both people’s patience and thinking power have decreased.

7) Social media has caused physical damage as well as mental damage to people. Such as: many people suffer from depression, anxiety as well as commit suicide due to excessive stress.

It is not possible to live without social media. It has made many things in our life easier but the bad aspects affect us more than the good aspects. So we have to be aware of ourselves and avoid the bad aspects as well as reduce the use of social media.

Written By : Salsabila Khanam

Content Editor - Joya Roy
Chief Editor - Abdul Rakib M Rahman
Executive Editor - Saima Akter