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Social Manners

Suppose, you go to a public event and there are many people present and everyone is talking very politely to each other. You notice that somebody is thinking when they receive something from anyone. When talking, everyone is smiling and talking very sweetly. Again suppose, you go to a wedding ceremony and there are a few people greeting everyone. Can you find a common similarity in these situations?

If you ask me, I would like to say yes there is a familiar similarity which is social behaviour or social manners. Now, if we think in detail about what social manners are, Then, how we behave in society and how we speak as a good person are basically called Social manners. These social manners happen among our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues or even strangers. Such social etiquette is also very necessary. And by following such social rules, one can lead a similar life with any person. As well as these social manners play a huge role in how others cognize and treat you.

Right now, even if we talk about social manners, how much do we know about its importance? Well, social manners are important in all areas of the whole world.

For example, social manners help everyone to feel good and comfortable in any situation as well as it helps us to be polite and nice to everyone in our social life. Young children can learn social manners from us. Apart from this, the importance of social manners is comprehensive in various professional works & activities.

There are many social manners in our daily life.  Among them, there are some well-known social manners which are:

1) Greetings:

When we enter somewhere we should greet others. Greetings help us to be easy in any place.

2) Saying thank you to others:

If we receive something from anyone, we should say thank you so much or thanks.

3) Saying sorry:

If we make any mistake then we should say sorry or I’m extremely sorry for that.

4) Saying please:

When we want something, we must say please.

5) Shaking hands:

If someone wants to shake hands, we should also shake hands.

6) Eye contact:

Eye contact is the most important thing when we are talking to someone. That’s why we should maintain eye contact while we are talking or communicating.

7) Body Languages:

Body language is very important in talking, walking or eating. Because our confidence level can be easily understood by looking at our body languages. So we should maintain our body languages also.

8) Making smile:

Who does not love a smiling face? Everyone likes a smiley face while talking.  So we should always keep a smile on our faces.

9) Giving attention:

We should pay attention while we are talking to anybody.

10) Sacrifice something:

We should sacrifice for our good.

11) Making politeness:

Talking loudly is bad manners. So we should talk softly and normally.

12) Be on time:

Finishing anything on time and reaching anywhere on time is a good manner. So we should be punctual.

There are various occupations and activities present in our life cycle, as well as these social manners are also associated with it. So, we all should follow & maintain social manners.

Written By : Salsabila Khanam

Content Editor - Joya Roy

Chief Editor - Abdul Rakib M Rahman
Executive Editor - Saima Akter