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Sample – I


Water is essential as it supports life. The pollution of water is a major issue nowadays. According to research, even though the earth is made of 70% water, humans and animals are able to consume only 1% of fresh water for drinking. The pollution of water is the contamination of water sources by many things which make the water impracticable for drinking, cooking, washing, swimming and other activities. Human activities are mainly responsible for this. People are throwing plastic bottles, packets of chips and chocolates and many trash into the river, pond and other sources of water. So because of the trash the purity of water is damaged and the water is polluted eventually. Another cause of water pollution is the chemicals of factories and mills. The factories and mills throw the chemicals into water which makes water unusable for drinking and other activities. In short, it makes water polluted. The farmers use too much pesticides and fertilisers in the field in order to grow more and more crops. These things are washed away by rain and mixed up into the river, pond, cannel, sea etc. and the water is polluted. As we all know, the other name of water is life. So our life will be at risk if the water is polluted. Water pollution is really cruel. It harms not only human life but also the life of many aquatics. So many fishes died even though many are almost extinct. Because of this biodiversity is being damaged. The world is becoming ugly. So we must prevent it. Water pollution is something that we cannot stop. But we definitely can decrease it. That means, in the case of water pollution, prevention is better than cure. We must stop throwing rubbish here and there. The farmers should be aware of using pesticides as they are harmful for the environment. Most importantly, we have to spread awareness. Because the first step of healing is awareness. So spreading awareness is essential.

Written By : Proggya Paramita