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Do you guys have the slightest idea of how people are dying around the world because of some wicked people? No, right? Many Children and old people are at death’s door and others are suffering from many diseases, just because of some selfish businessmen who want to profit from their businesses. Food is one of the basic needs of human beings. There are two types of food – natural and chemical based. Natural foods are foods that are pure and don’t have any chemical substances. They also don’t contain any artificial-added ingredients. Natural foods either come from nature or are grown by humans. They are safe to consume and help us grow and live a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, chemical-added foods are food that has artificial materials. People add chemicals to food for a better texture or taste. Nowadays the appearance of food is more important than the taste, that’s why people like to add chemicals to food for freshness and to last longer. While some added chemicals are harmless, others cause everything from hives and asthma to nausea and headaches in some people. Glucose, sucrose, lactose, linoleic acid, etc are some food chemicals that are added to our foods to make them better and more durable. Some of the common food additives are MSG, food colouring, sodium nitrate, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and so on. Chemical contamination can lead to long-term diseases like cancer. Nowadays we can hardly find any food that doesn’t have chemical materialities. Factories and companies add chemicals to food to cheat and deceive the common people by taking more price of the food saying it’s original but in reality it’s fake. We cannot understand which food is real and which one’s not. That’s how people around the globe are suffering from several diseases because of consuming chemical-added foods. This needs to be stopped, and every one of us should stand against it. If we don’t start now, many lives shall be ended by these toxic things.

Written By : Mushfirat Tasnim Rahman