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Sample – I

My mom is my mentor

In every person’s life, there is someone who is heaven. And this heaven is only the name “Mom”. It’s god gifted and none can replace the relation of mother with her child. Mom the relation doesn’t have any selfishness. But the world is filled with love just like honey. And in my life, God has given me such a best friend as my mother. But she is also my mentor, my guide because she is the only one who taught me to talk in my mother tongue. She encouraged me to walk and to run. She gives me the strength that  I can be a good human. To write something on paper, a child needs strength and that is also given to me by my mom. “Mentor” the word is stand for a experienced and trained guider. But my mom became a mentor from that time when she gave me birth. When I took my first breath from that time, she take a oath that she’ll always be my mentor to make me as a good human. And that’s why, only the person whom I love very much is none but my mom. She always makes me laugh on my bad days. And undoubtedly my bad days become my happiest day ever only because of my mother. She scolds out of me but still she is in my heart every time. Even I can’t think about a single day without calling the name “Mom”. If anyhow I take any wrong step, she takes me from there to the right path. And in my dictionary, It’s called a mother. A mother’s position is higher than a teacher. Only the reason I make my mom to cry that is I make her proud. And I realise, that one drop tear is filled up with happiness. And for that moment I always eager to wait. At last, for my mother, “You are my bestie, you are my world and you are my mother. I love you very much. ”

Written By : Nabila Kamal