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Sample – I


The Covid-19 virus forced us to stay at home for almost 2 years. During this time, we were unable to leave our house. The time was so cruel that everything was messed up. So many people lost their jobs and loved one. But every negative thing carries something positive. So Covid-19 also gave us a lot of free time that we could spend with our family members. I spent so much fun time with my parents and sisters during Covid-19. We got to know each other more deeply. I played many indoor games with my father. For example, LUDU. It kind of remind me of my childhood. We used to play many games together. But after growing up, both me and my father got busy and forgot about our golden times. Seems like my golden times finally got a chance to return to me during this Covid-19. I learnt cooking from my mother. We had a really great time cooking together. In my childhood, I used to spend so much time with my mother. But as I got older, the distance between us got bigger. I really missed her. I thought I could never hold her hands and laugh with her again. But that wasn’t true. During the Covid-19, we did so many fun activities and laughed really hard together just like we used to do in my childhood. And now, she is my best friend. My sister and I used to fight a lot. As I wasn’t ready to be an elder sister, I never really could take it that I had to share my things with her. It really used to drive me crazy. But during Covid-19, she was the one to cheer me up when I was sad. She was always there for me when I felt lonely and really needed someone to talk to. We played games, read comics, watched movies and many more things. We got closer and I realised she really loves me and I should do the same, too. We’ve become friends for life. In short, everyone got free time during this Covid-19. But not everyone had happy times. Some people had hard times as well. I’m appreciative that I was fortunate to have blissful times with my family during Covid-19. The time was really thrilling, inspiring and breathtaking.

Written By : Proggya Paramita