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Family bonding and responsibilities

Family is a synonym for faith, comfort, consolation & safekeeping. Family in general refers to a group of individuals who live together and have a direct relationship. This is a social group which is bound by marriage, blood and kinship. The most valuable thing in the world is family. Because, without a family, it is never possible to grow in life. For a strong family bonding, we can face anything in our life strongly. The main reason for this is that family ties give us strength and inspiration in all areas.

Family bonding holds us together like a tree. It makes a relationship beautiful.

It is an important part of our life and it has some benefits like:

It plays an important role in the socialisation of a child. Also, it helps the child to develop his / her emotions, feelings, respect and love for each member of the family. It’s not just for a baby. It acts as a powerful vehicle for every member of the family. As well as family bonding helps us to stay mentally and physically healthy and well.

Various activities can be done together to make a strong family bonding. For example:

1) Going somewhere,

2) Watching movies together,

3) Playing some indoor or outdoor games,

4) Cooking together,

5) Making a garden,

6) Doing some arts and crafts,

7) Travelling to an educational and enjoyable place.

8) Help each other in any work etc.

Along with family bonding, each member of the family also has certain responsibilities Because the future of every person depends on his / her family. That’s why these duties are very essential in human life.

In this case, the duty and the responsibilities of parents in the family are: to spend time with their children, talk to them, teach them to understand right and wrong, protect them from bad things, make them study, provide various activities like art, music, games etc. Then they can spend their free time very well. Also, ensuring their physical and mental well-being and supporting the child in any good decisions etc.

Also, the responsibility of children is to listen and work according to their parents, to study well, to respect everyone, to understand the right and wrong decisions, to help everyone, etc.

By doing such things it is possible to build a beautiful and disciplined family.

But nowadays, most of the family don’t have a strong bonding between any members. The main reasons for this are: addiction to technology and

the busyness of the parents also not taking proper care of the children etc.

We should avoid these reasons as much as possible. Because family is a gift from God. Also, it’s an asset and a blessing in our life which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. True love and peace can only be found in a family.

That’s why A Burmese proverb says, “In time of test, family is best.”

Written By : Salsabila Khanam

Content Editor - Joya Roy

Chief Editor - Abdul Rakib M Rahman
Executive Editor - Saima Akter