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In our today’s world, everyone is familiar with the internet and internet devices, and for that reason, everyone is also familiar with device apps. Basically, most of the apps are related to social media. And since we are social creatures, we must use them regularly. In this way, surely everyone knows the 5 billion downloaded Facebook app.

If there is any known and most popular social media app after Google, it is undoubtedly Meta platforms Facebook.

While at Harvard College, Mark Zuckerberg planned to create Facebook with fellow students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskowitz. And from that, he created a website called Facemash on October 28, 2003. But it didn’t work much, then he thought about different ideas and later created the Facebook app in 2004. And since then, his journey of success began. Now 2.963 billion people use Facebook every day.

At present, a total of 111 languages ​​are currently connected to this app. Membership in this app is free. Anyone can easily use it. Users can add friends, send messages and updates, and share their personal information, while a user can also connect to the city, workplace, school, and region-specific networks. Also, they can add their daily activity as well as add stories.

There are several benefits and advantages of using Facebook. These are immense in our regular life. For example, It has various commercial & economic uses. Moreover, many people are earning money by creating online pages on Facebook and selling abundant, unique & different products, food or clothes etc. Another advantage is that it’s possible to easily communicate with distant relatives or family members. Besides, many other benefits are here.

All the advantages of using Facebook are not correct. Everything has its good and bad sides. Just like this is also the case with using Facebook. Nowadays, many people are terribly addicted to using Facebook. As a result, they waste both their valuable time and work. Many times, many hacking activities can be observed on this Facebook, also many people indulged in various bad activities through this Facebook. Along with that, some people open fake accounts and steal money by trapping many people.

Many people are being harassed due to these fake accounts. Not only that, many people are developing bad relationships with strangers by talking to them through Facebook, as a result of which they run away from home, steal money from home and engage in various dishonest activities.

Along with that, many people are being killed. Many people are committing suicide because of this. Many are suffering from ‘Doom Scrolling’ due to scrolling through negative news, and information continuously on Facebook. Now it is understood that these are mainly happening because of Facebook. So it cannot be said that Facebook has no bad sides.

Facebook is a large platform of communication media so there will be the presence of different people here.  Each of us should consider its good and bad and act accordingly. Our own personal information can never be shared with anyone.  We have to take precautions in various ways and also be aware and avoid bad items so that we will get rid of negative things and work.

Written By : Salsabila Khanam

Content Editor - Joya Roy
Chief Editor - Abdul Rakib M Rahman
Executive Editor - Saima Akter