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Sample – I

Environment and Tree Plantation

“Preserve and cherish

The pale blue dot, The only home we’ve

Ever known”

I Agree with this quote. We may have houses or maybe not but rather than a house we have a home which is our environment. Building, and apartments are just for time being but the real and ultimate home is the environment. Why am I saying this? The answer is, I am simply in love with the environment. It’s a place where I can find the wonders of the world, the beauty of nature, and the fantasies I heard in childhood. a l w a y s imagined what makes the environment so beautiful and astonishing. The answer was “Trees ” I never knew that simple plants can increase the beauty of the environment. How surprising! But something is wrong these days.

The environment seems weak and dull. People enormously destroying the environment. They are cutting the poor trees. Doing pollution. That is not what the environment deserves. We all have heard that trees are our friends. They provide us with food, shelter and oxygen to breathe. We are taking from trees but not giving anything to them. We are so blind in loving ourselves that we forget we have the environment to take care of. How selfish are we?

Loving ourselves that we forgot we have the environment to take care of. How selfish are we?

Can we even imagine a world without an environment and trees? No, we can’t. Because if there are trees and there’s no environment. And no environment no home and no home no world or earth. And we are doing that right now. If we destroy our environment our destroyment is for sure. Many people don’t believe that. But it’s a fact. According to RAN, 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees have been cut down each year. How cruel people could be! Because of trees we are alive, we are living in this world. Many disasters like conflict and cyclones are being stopped by trees. It doesn’t only give us food but also oxygen, the reason we are breathing constantly. Because deforestations, pollution like water, soil, air are the main reasons for cutting trees. Global warming is undoubtedly happening because of cutting trees. Many developed countries has 25% of forest but we have 17% of it. Tree plantations maintain our ecological system. Many animals depend on tree. As a result, we can see that trees play an important role in our life and environment. We can say that trees are the part and parcel of the environment.

Researchers are strongly telling us to “Go Green “. According to SDG- Goal number 13 1-4 -15 are related to each other because there main the target is to save the environment and save trees. So, SDG- Goal number 13 -14-15 are related to each other because their main target is to save environment and save trees. So, we should plant more trees and save our beautiful environment.

Because sir Diendrolal said that- Nowhere you will discover such a land as this Oh, she is the queen of all land, she is my motherland, my motherland, my motherland. Let’s work together in order to save our earth. SDG says that “living no one behind “it not only means people but the whole planet. If we maintain this slogan then we will be able to overcome any problem.

Written By : Sobhana Showkat