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Sample – I

China is a Global Factory

People make history, and

Works create the future – President Xi Jinping

Made in China, a label that has remained close to us for so long. Growing up, I’ve always heard that China is the most developed and prosperous country in the world. It’s true. Not only due to population or culture. But as a result of their hard work and contribution. If I Give example, then think of our country Bangladesh whenever I go to any shop or mall and any product below the price there will be always written:

“Made in China.” Also, the big industry workers are Chinese. Not long ago China was not like this. It was different. But now China is known as a global factory all over the world.

Well, America doesn’t have that many products, rather China has a lot of supplies.

The reason why it has become a global factory:

  1. It’s low labour costs.
  2. They low tax and vat.
  3. Developed industrial resources.

These three reasons can be put for its developed.

During this pandemic situation, we all say that China is the reason for that. But you know in this situation China has sold millions of products online. People went crazy buying these products. Because of their low cost and good quality. Not only about the pandemic but also before that. If you ask any shopkeeper which country, do you have the most? The answer will be 10% of India, 20% Thailand and 70% of them are China products. Not only in our country but also in other countries. What about The Padma bridge? More than 80% of them were Chinese workers. Also, the famous industries have thousands and thousands of Chinese workers. Whenever we have a fair or partnership, China is always there for us. They have always been on our side. Not only on our side but also for those who are suffering from many disasters. Who doesn’t have any clothes, enough food or enough supplies. They are continuously helping. China – 28.7% Global Manufacturing Output. Although the USA used to be in the top of Manufacturing output. But these last 10 years China has claimed to be in the top position. China is so famous all over the world that there is a movie about

“Made in China ”

A Wise Man Said That-China is clearly going to be the number one economic power and it Is already full of potential. with lots Of population and the buying power Increasing by the day. I am totally agreeing with this quote. So, if I have the grudge to be developed like this, be the number one among the whole world. Then, why not follow the path of China. What they can be, we can be that too. It’s not that very hard. Just focusing on the goals. Have faith and that too. It’s not that very hard. Just focusing on the goals. Have faith and just go with flow. That’s it. There is a famous proverb –

China is a sleeping giant; Let him sleep, for fi he

wakes, he will shake the world

– Napoleon

Written By : Sobhana Showkat