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Sample – I

Charity And Humanity

The purpose of human life is to serve,

And to show compassion and the will to help others. Yes. It’s true that our life was meant to serve others and help them with what we have. That’s why God has created us to show humanity. Humanity is a big thing. One who does this is unique from others. Let me tell you a story about a wise man:

One day I was going home. On my way I saw a lot beggars sitting in the footpath. As I Didn’t have any money, when they asked for it I Couldn’t give. But there were more people than me. They also noticed the beggars. They just ignored them like there were s o m e bag of trash. This what they deserve. No, they are begging because they don’t have any other choice. God has created them like that. They are needy that’s why they are asking. I felt so sorry and helpless that I couldn’t do anything.

According to surveys 153 million children are orphans and 70% of them are leading their life miserably. In this world 50% of people are beggars and living in poverty. We have food but we are wasting them. Think of them, they don’t even have the money for food. Maybe you are getting water every second but there are some people who are continuously waiting for one drop of water. You have a lot of clothes but they don’t have any. We are all the time criticising them. Thinking that they don’t We are always criticising them. Thinking that they don’t have any chance to stand with us. They don’t have any quality. This is not humanity. This is selfishness. If we wanna be successful, then we have to be a kind person first. We have to learn about humanity. Because We rise by lifting others Then what should we do? You may have the question. Charity is the best option for this. Charity is not about pity it’s about love and humanity- Mother Teresa. Charity is a noble act. It creates humbleness and kindness. It disappears the class that we create between poor and rich. It helps the poor and needy people. With Charity we can share a meal ,share clothes, share money, show kindness altogether we can show humanity. Countries like- Yemen, Syria, Palestine,

Afghanistan and Iraq are waiting for your help every second. There are so many surveys, NGO and websites where you can donate and share some money to help the needy people. Through this they can live a happy life. If we start donating to charity, believe me there will be no unhappy person.

SDG goal no -17 partnership with countries. If all of us are together then the world can become a better place.

As the song lyrics-

We will walk hand in hand

We will walk hand in hand someday

We will walk hand in hand someday Oh deep in my heart I do believe

We will walk hand in hand someday…

So, let us show humanity by using this song’s lyrics by leaving no one behind. Surely, success will be in our hand.

Written By : Sobhana Showkat