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Sample – I


We live in a modern world where we have many entertainment media. Among them, books and television also have a place. So people pass their free time by watching television while some love to read books. Both are good. We can get information by reading books. We can stay connected with the world and get to know a lot of information by watching television as well. But reading books is better than watching television. There are so many harmful effects of watching television. It causes headaches and hampers vision. It is also responsible for sleep problems and chronic neck, back problems. It affects not only physical health but also mental health. It increases anxiety, depression. Watching television for a long time can lead a student to poor academic performance. It instigates behaviour problems and decreases our confident, self-worth. It can also lead people to some kind of addictions like cartoon addiction, news addiction etc. Those who spend a long time watching television do not get much time to spend with their family. As a result, the family bonding becomes weak. On the other hand, books are selfless. They give us lots of information but don’t expect anything from us in return. Neither have harmful effects. Reading books improves our brain connectivity. It improves the quality of sleep as well. It fights depression and reduces stress. It lowers our blood pressure and heart rate, according to research. By reading books, we meet new words along with new information which makes us a better version of ourselves and prepares us to be successful in our future. They make us travel without moving our feet. Most importantly, reading books keeps us away from many crimes that teenagers often get involved with such as drug addiction. So it is clear books are better than television. There is a loyal friend in the book who is silent but helpful. All books talk but some good books listen as well.

Written By : Proggya Paramita