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Sample – I


The Internet is so common in our life that we use it almost every day and in every step of our life. It is very vital for us as it helps us in many ways. It supports human communication via social media, e-mail, audio and video transmission. It has made our life easier. The work that used to take a long time before can be done in the twinkle of our eyes now with the help of the internet. So spending a day without the internet would be a bit tuff. But it’s not something that is impossible. Because a long time ago, people of the world spent their life without any internet. They didn’t die without it. Even they lived a healthier life than us according to research. I can say it would be a calm and peaceful day. Every morning I make a to-do list while having tea because it makes me feel better and productive. Without the internet, I would make my to-do list on a piece of paper, not on my mobile or laptop. Research is telling that when we jot down our goals on paper, we are 42% more likely to achieve the goals. So it would be astonishing. Without the internet, I wouldn’t go through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and do Doom Scrolling. So I wouldn’t needlessly worry about so many negative things. As a result, I had a very dynamic day. For me, the best thing that could happen in a day without the internet is having more family time. Without the internet, we could spend that time with our family members that we spend on You-tube every day.   There is a quote that says, “Social media brings the far ones closer to us but it takes the closer ones far away.” As social media is supported by the internet, we can say that the internet impacts our relationships very unsympathetically. So a day without the internet would be a great chance to come closer to those that we failed to stay closer with out of busyness or something else. In short, a day without the internet is impressive for me. But for someone who works from home, it wouldn’t be a good day. This indicates that it totally depends on our point of view on how a day without the internet would feel like. To me, a day without the internet would be the happiest day of my life if I could have one.

Written By : Proggya Paramita