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Sample – I


With all the living and non-living objects around us like sky, air, table, chair, books etc. environment is created. There are mainly 2 types of environment. Geographic environment which is made of many natural things. For example, soil, water, rivers, sky etc. Another is the Man-made environment which is made of many men made things. For example, houses, cars, tables etc. The environment plays an essential role in human and all animals’ life. In the environment, we have nature and from that we get so many things like food, water, shelter and oxygen which is a must for us to live. But it’s a matter of sorrow that our environment is in danger. Human beings are mainly responsible for this. The world’s population is increasing every day. But the world isn’t getting any bigger. Humans are destroying the environment to fulfil their own needs. They are polluting soil, water, air and many more natural things of the environment. Thus, the environment is also polluted. The cruellest thing is people are cutting trees down for their own sake. Trees are being cut down for making houses, furniture etc. Trees are called the lugs of the environment. If there are trees, the environment will be in sound health. They absorb pollutants through their leaves and keep the environment fresh for us. The environment keeps us up very lovingly and carefully. So it’s our duty to keep it safe as well. We ought to understand the environment’s worth and treat it with love and care as it deserves. It’s really weird that we do so many things to earn money but don’t even bother to take care of the environment where we live. When the trees are cut, rivers are poisoned, fishes are dead, we cannot eat money. So we have to work unitedly to solve this problem so that we can save the environment and live longer. We should plant 10 trees if 1 is cut. We must go with the slogan, “Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.”

Written By : Proggya Paramita