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Sample - 1

A journey by boat or launch means going from one place to another place by boat with a group or family. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So it’s very easy and comfortable to make a journey by boat in our country. It is very enjoyable.

During the last year of winter vacation, our honourable sir permitted us to go to the picnic at Rangamati. So, I got a chance to make a journey by boat.

It was a ten-mile journey. We had hired a boat. We started our journey at 10 am. The boatman steered the boat smoothly. The weather was calm and quiet. So, we had no trouble on the way and the journey was very nice. All our friends and teachers had lots of fun while going on the boat.

First, we go to the hanging bridge by boat. This bridge is called   “The symbol of Rangamati”. On one side of the bridge, there are swings for children’s entertainment on the hill. We took lots of pictures during the journey. We had a lot of enjoyment. The boat was dancing on the small waves and it thrilled me very much.

We enjoyed a “Bhatiali” song sung by the boatman. One of our teachers also sang a song. I saw many children swimming in the river. Some fishermen were catching fish. When the sun was setting on the western horizon, the scene gave us a nice view and stimulated us. After wandering around from there we went to our picnic spot. That is the “Navy lake view picnic spot “.

A journey by boat or launch is very enjoyable. It removes the monotony of work. I achieved a new experience. I’ll never forget this happy journey in my life. I wish I could make a journey like this once again. So, everyone should go on a boat trip at least once in their life.

Written By - Tamanna Afroj